Alex Grayson

Romances that will make you cry into your pillow, drool over hot guys, cringe in fear, and even scream at your kindle.

From romantic suspense, to contemporary, to erotic, to dark romance, to psychological thriller, to series, and to standalones, I’ve got you covered.

The Jaded Hollow Series – Romantic Suspense
Beautifully Broken / Wickedly Betrayed / Wildly Captivated / Perfectly Tragic

The Consumed Series – Sensual
Sex Junkie / Shamelessly Bare / Hungry Eyes

The Ever Series – Emotional Contemporary Romance
Forevermore / Everlast

Itty Bitty Delights Series – Taboo Fantasies
Heels Together, Knees Apart / Teach Me Something Dirty / Filthy Little Tease / For I Have Sinned

Endless Obsession – Contemporary
The Sinister Silhouette – Romantic Suspense

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